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Grand Rapids HubSpot User Group (HUG)

We are a Grand Rapids-based group of HubSpot inbound marketing guru’s, customers and non-customers (So basically, anyone who’s interested in inbound marketing) who get together on a regular basis to discuss inbound marketing with HubSpot tools. We can share knowledge and build ideas to better devlop our skills. The HubSpot User Group is a great opportunity to expand your expertise with like mided individuals.

What can you expect at a HUG event?

We love to discuss all things about inbound marketing from tips to tricks that have proved successful to how to improve upon existing inbound strategies. We try to keep things interesting; so a local HUG leader or another member who has insight to share about achieving inbound success may be presenting. And who knows, you may even catch an official HubSpot employee sharing insight at one of our upcoming events!

Am I the right fit for the group?

Do you love HubSpot tools AND inbound marketing? If the answer is yes, then you are the perfect candidate for our Grand Rapids HUG group! And don’t worry, you don’t even have to be a paying customer of HubSpot to attend; we welcome everyone with interest in inbound marketing!

Why attend HUG events?

HubSpot is growing businesses all over Grand Rapids, and our HUG events help connect and share the secrets of that growth. Learn how to leverage inbound ideas, best practices and have fun with old friends and maybe even meet a few new people at the same time.

Resources for the Community
Meet, chat and have fun with other HubSpot enthusiests.
Learn, share and grow from others who use the platform.
Inbound marketing goodness is found here.

Everyone needs a H.U.G.

HUGs are comprised of everyday professionals who are interested in inbound marketing and HubSpot. GR Hug is comprised of customers, inbound professionals and information-seekers who meet up to learn more about the inbound marketing process using HubSpot.