What is the Grand Rapids H.U.G.?

We are a Grand Rapids-based group of HubSpot inbound marketing guru’s, customers and non-customers (So basically, anyone who’s interested in the idea of inbound marketing) who get together on a regular basis to discuss inbound marketing with all the HubSpot tools. It's all about sharing and learning from each other.


Sharing Knowledge

The best way to gain insight is from each other, right? We think so, and that's why the Grand Rapids HubSpot User Group was created. Our desire is to make our events and discussions the epicenter of Grand Rapids-based HubSpot resources. From HubSpot software tips and tricks to content development and designing landing pages, we'll be learning about teaching everything that makes inbound absolutely amazing! 

Community Support

Supporting each other is what has made the Grand Rapids region one of the best cities for business today. The GRHUG is a place to support and encourage other marketers to succeed with their inbound processes and initiatives. We don't make anyone literally HUG each other at the events, but it should kinda feel like it, because we want to always be encouraging and sharing with each other about all of our inbound successes. 

Everyone needs a H.U.G.

HUGs are comprised of everyday professionals who are interested in inbound marketing and HubSpot. GR Hug is comprised of customers, inbound professionals and information-seekers who meet up to learn more about the inbound marketing process using HubSpot.